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Ol Mathematics App | Sinhala & English medium.

Hey, This app’s name is ‘ Ol mathematics’. You can download the app using the play store. If you have iso or desktop you can download the app using our website.

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First time in Sri Lanka, you can learn English & Sinhala Medium Ol mathematics, using one App.
This App is very helpful to Grade 9,10,11 students.
Do you have low marks in your mathematics exam? You can grow your marks step by step using the app. Then finally you can get an ‘A’ pass for you o/l Exam. We researched the Ol mathematics paper and After that we developed the app. Can get more knowledge and more experience for your exam.
App services, You can learn these things in the app.

  • All theorems.
  • Daily update mathematics questions & Answers.
  • Model papers.
  • Past papers.
  • Provincial papers.
  • Easy tips for solving Exam questions.
  • Logarithmic & Trigonometry.
  • Geometric progression and Arithmetic progression.
  • Area and Volume.

All theorems.

Why do you want to learn about the theorems? When you write the Ol mathematics paper you must write a question about the theorems.
when you write the part 1 paper in the exam, you have to answer some questions about the theorems. So this is very important to you. You can learn about all the theorems using the ol mathematics app. You can learn about the theorems in English and Sinhala. When we researched your syllabus we saw the theorems very important to grade 9,10 & 11 students. The all theorems are given for you by the app. Keep learning about the theorems using the app.

Daily update maths questions & Answers

This is the most important thing in the App. You can get exam model questions and answers every day. If you solve the mathematics questions every day, you can write the exam paper very fast. When you solve the questions, you can get more practice & experience. The questions category was made for Grade 9,10 & 11 Sinhala medium students.
Use the App and enjoyed the mathematics. we present you the questions according to the lesson By lesson. So it very easy to use.

Past papers sinhala & English medium.

Past papers sinhala & English medium | Previous year o\l mathematics papers are given on this page.  Previous year papers give good knowledge and good practice. So we develop this page. Now you can download and view the papers. Click on the download button, then the download will start.
Do you want to view only the papers, click on the Paper title or Click on the image.

(2015 – 2019) years papers.

provincial papers Sinhala & English Medium.

Do you search for a good app to download past provincial papers? This is the app. we present you to grade9,10,11 provincial papers. you can download these provinces papers. |  Sinhala & English Medium.

  •  North Western Province Papers 
  • Sabaragamuwa Province Papers
  • Western Province Papers
  • Southern Province Papers
  • Central Province Papers

Mathematics lessons

You can learn about these lessons.

  • Logarithmic & Trigonometry.
  • Geometric progression and Arithmetic progression.
  • Area and Volume
Download the app, learn mathematics, and succeed in your life.

Watch the video to get more information about the app.

How to downlode ol maths app
for pc & laptop

Dear students, we always try to give good service to you. Keep doing your studies and go to your targets. Thank you for joining us


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